We've gathered some of your favorite quilt designers and created a FREE BUNDLE filled with awesome holiday projects.

Join us November 10-14, 2022 for Passport to Quilting - Holiday Edition

Passport to Quilting-Holiday Edition has something for everyone!

Whether you want projects that use up scraps or something fun and festive.

In this FREE Bundle you'll find projects for Christmas, Winter, and Thanksgiving. The Bundle includes 12+ Quilt Patterns and 12+ Quilty Projects including Holiday pillow patterns, Foundation Paper Piecing projects, and more! There are so many awesome projects - all meant to take your quilting to a new level.

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...then come back on November 10th to access the entire bundle of FREE Quilt Patterns & Projects!

It's really that easy. We want to show our fans and followers how much we value them by hosting this appreciation celebration!

Meet the Passport to Quilting Contributors...

...and enjoy the amazing FREE projects that they are sharing with you!


  • Why is it FREE? Most Bundles cost something.

    As creators, we want to show our fans and followers how much we appreciate them. What better way than to give them an amazing bundle of projects!

  • How long can I access the FREE Bundle?

    You can access the Bundle between November 10-14th. Bundle access ends on November 14, 2022 and you must access and download everything by this date. After November 14, 2022, the site will close and you will no longer have access to the Bundle. However, the shop discounts will be available until December 14, 2022. Because of this, we recommend you download all of the PDFs as soon as possible.

  • How do I access the FREE Bundle?

    When you click one of the red "Enroll" buttons you will receive an email with information on how to log into the site. Be sure to save this email! The site opens November 10, 2022 and closes November 14, 2022. You may access all of the Bundle content on those days.

  • Will I be made to "jump through hoops" in order to get access to the Bundle?

    No! At checkout you'll just enter your email once and then you'll have access to the Bundle between November 10-14th on the Thinkific platform. There are no upsell products or endless "checkout hoops" to jump through. You will, of course, have to enter your email in order to checkout. We'd also love for you to "spread the word" about the Bundle, but it is not a requirement!

  • How do I access the Bundle?

    The Passport to Quilting Bundle is open between November 10-14th and hosted on the Thinkific platform. Each Contributor has an individual section on the platform. In each of these sections you'll find an image of the Contributor, a short bio, the PDF link to download the FREE project, and links to the Contributor's website or shop. Of course, Contributors would love for you to visit their sites, but it is not required in order to access the Freebie!

  • What happens with my email?

    Your email is safe. By signing up for Passport to Quilting-Holiday Edition, you also agree to sign up for Contributor newsletters. Contributors may add you to their newsletter, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

Meet our Sponsor

Passport to Quilting - Holiday Edition is sponsored by The Grace Company

Be sure to visit their Contributor page to download a Quilt Pattern!